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2023 Fashion Forecast: Metallics and Leather with a Chance of Cargo

A report on upcoming spring and summer trends and their impact on brands' revenue.

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The Influencer Effect: From Likes to Sales

A look into the performance of apparel and accessories that gained popularity through social media influencers.

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A look into the virality of beauty products and its impact on revenue and sell-through rate for eight trending products.

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The Power Of A Blazer: WOmen Wear it better

A report on how the blazer, a menswear staple, has impacted the revenue of contemporary womenswear.

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See how Independent handbag brands who sell luxury bags performed in Q3 & Q4 of 2022.

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Sure about Sherpa? SHERPA JACKET SALES IN 2022

See how men and women's sherpa jackets performed in Q3 and Q4 across top-performing brands.

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Black Friday: How Brands Compare

See how some of the most popular brands in e-commerce performed during Black Friday 2022.

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Black Friday Apparel TRENDS 2022

Analyze Black Friday 2022 discounts, revenue, top-selling items, and more from the biggest apparel brands in e-commerce.

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the rise of the exercise dress
woman on tennis court and tennis skirt shown holding a racket

As activewear brands continue to grow in popularity, staying on top of product trends will be vital to continued growth year over year.

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What's going on in men's jewelry?
men's chain shown with black background

Discover what products and trends are driving growth of men's jewelry brands by analyzing online sales data from five leading brands in the industry.

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Men's Tees: How Colors compare
t-shirts hung up in closet in many different colors

Does the perfect tee exist? Tried and true colorsare whites and the blacks, but how do theycompare to greens, reds, and blues? This report breaks down each color to show how it performs in the men's fashion industry and helps you understand what colors you should introduce in your product lineup.

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men's SKIN CARE: here to stay?
model washing his face with water and facewash

Men's skin care brands are an up-and-coming niche in the beauty sector. What trends are driving this new product category? How successful will it be in light of current macroeconomic events?

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What's selling in outerwear fall 2022
woman in peacoat

Take a look at sales data collected from the FW 2022  season September and October 2022 to understand exactly what types of outerwear consumers are buying as colder weather approaches.

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Data speaks louder than trends: denim
four individuals in denim jeans

Denim is a long-standing fashion staple that never goes out of style. From skinny jeans to wide-leg denim, denim trends are constantly changing. Understanding what is trending vs. what is selling can help you make the best decisions for your product line-up.

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bedding and sheets image

See how popular products from bedding and home goods brands performed in Q3. Understand the trending colors, sizes, and fabrics that are driving growth for bedding brands.

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woman washing her face in a towel

See how the women's skincare industry performed in Q2 and Q3. Understand what products were driving growth and where skincare brands can continue to find success.

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Product expansion: MEN’S UNDERWEAR
men's underwear image

See how men's underwear products have grown from long-standing underwear brands to brands that have introduced the product in addition to their long-standing line.

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Women's Intimates
women in a sports bra image

Take a look at changes happening in the women's intimates (underwear, shapewear, lingerie, swim) category between Q2 and Q3.

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