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Automated E-commerce Intelligence

Particl’s AI, Copilot, compares you to your competitors and surfaces actionable insights - automatically. Discover gaps in your product lineup, benchmark pricing strategies, identify top-performing trends, and capitalize on market opportunities.

Your Knit Midi DressClothing · Dress · Midi Dresses
$32k sales
Competitor Midi DressesClothing · Dress · Midi Dresses
$23k avg. sales

Sales Over Time (Midi Dresses)

$32k vs $23k avg.
Outperforming Competition

Better Data with AI

Particl AI tracks sales, inventory, pricing, assortment, and sentiment across all of e-commerce. Quickly identify profitable opportunities in the market.
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A 360° View of E-Commerce

Data on Apparel, Consumer Goods, Beauty, Health, Jewelry, Supplements, Home Goods, Outdoor, and much more.

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Elevate your team's workflow and capabilities

Easy-to-use tools on top of a robust AI engine.

Guide product strategy with real-time market data. Identify top-performing products, trends, and market leaders.

Easy, powerful, and reliable

AI Categorization
Product types, materials, & more accurately normalized
Actionable Trends
See where the market is moving, and where it's been
Powerful Filters
Zero in on top trends in your market, or any market
Historical Data
View data back in the past to uncover seasonalality
Customized Reports
See just the data you want, in the format you need
Robust Visualizations
Rich, easy-to-explore, interactive charts for every dataset
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New Category Launch
Read how Chubbies used Particl to launch a new product line.
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The New Standard for Modern E-commerce

Real-time sales, pricing, and performance data. Particl keeps you up-to-date with ever changing customer preferences and trends in the market.

See what the world is buying

Billions of data points on retailers around the globe. Discover new product opportunities, be the first to know about the fastest-growing trends, and develop best-selling products.

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"I have been looking for Particl for over 20 years. With Particl, I can understand the market trends and competition very precisely. It helps me to identify opportunities and make data-driven decisions to accelerate my business growth."

Alberto Carvalho
Former CEO · Procter & Gamble, Brazil

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