How Chubbies uses Particl to launch new products

How Chubbies makes the most of Particl


Chubbies faced challenges in the competitive and saturated men's apparel market. Previous attempts to launch men's pants did not meet expectations, leading to decisions not to restock them. The company needed a more strategic approach for future launches.


Particl helped Chubbies get a precise view of the challenging men's apparel market and align with the current trends, leading to a successful new pant launch that delivered well above expectations.


  • Men's pants swiftly ascended to become one of their top 10 products in 2023, contributing significantly to the business.
  • In financial terms, this product category achieved seven-figure success, underscoring the effectiveness of the strategy in both popularity and profitability.

Chubbies's Story

Chubbies, founded in 2011, emerged as a unique response to the traditional world of men's fashion, aiming to redefine the concept of casual wear. Observing a market saturated with images of shirtless men with unattainable physiques and overly embellished shorts losing their personality, Chubbies identified a gap in men's apparel. Their vision was to revive proper-length men's shorts, emphasizing craftsmanship and personality in a category often overlooked. The company's founders, reacting to the stress and work-life imbalance exacerbated by social media and technology, sought to offer a reprieve. Chubbies became a symbol of the Weekend Wardrobe, launching a range of products including casual shorts, swim trunks, aloha shirts, sport shorts, lounge shorts, performance polos, t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, and more.

Their consistent focus on building the perfect product for the weekend reflects in every fabric, aligning with the objective of providing comfort and style for moments of leisure. Chubbies prides itself on being a brand built by and for its community, centered around the essence of the "Friday at 5pm feeling." This feeling symbolizes the moment when customers shift their focus from obligations to what they genuinely want to do, experiencing a sense of balance and enjoyment.Chubbies' commitment to authenticity, irreverence, and delivering a unique Weekend Wardrobe has garnered a dedicated community that values the brand's ethos and the distinctive experience it offers.

Navigating Uncertainties in Product Development

In the competitive realm of men's apparel, Chubbies confronted a common industry challenge where over 50% of product launches fail to meet business targets, resulting in substantial costs. The company faced a specific hurdle as their previous pants launch didn't perform as anticipated, leading them to discontinue the product. In an industry marked by constant evolution and fierce competition, Chubbies recognized the critical importance of strategic decision-making in product development. The dynamics of the men's apparel market, marked by saturation and intense competition, posed significant challenges. Expansion into men's pants came at a time when market players had overbought in a post-COVID world, presenting additional industry challenges for Chubbies to navigate. Learning from past experiences, Chubbies acknowledged the need to gather comprehensive information before product launches, recognizing that success lies in minimizing uncertainties in an ever-evolving market.

The Particl Moment:

Chubbies' journey took a transformative turn upon the discovery of Particl. A pivotal moment unfolded as the team explored the platform, enticed by its intuitive design and data-driven functionalities. "The Particl moment was a game-changer for us," expresses a Chubbies team member. "The sleek visuals and seamless features aligned perfectly with our goals, prompting us to delve into a unique experience that we hadn't encountered before."

As the collaboration with Particl commenced, Chubbies witnessed a swift integration with their operations. The platform seamlessly synchronized with their data, providing a comprehensive view of market dynamics, competitor insights, and consumer preferences. "Particl became our compass in navigating the complexities of the men's apparel market,"remarks a Chubbies team member. "It not only addressed our existing challenges but also laid the foundation for strategic decision-making and innovation.

Particl ensured that various teams could gain quick overviews of critical aspects related to product development, marketing, and customer engagement. "Our interaction with Particl made it abundantly clear that it was tailored for our use case," emphasizes a Chubbies team member."The flexibility and adaptability of Particl became instrumental in propelling us forward. It wasn't just a tool; it became an integral part of our tech arsenal, enabling us to make informed decisions and innovate rapidly in the competitive landscape.

How Chubbies Uses Particl:

Chubbies, recognizing the evolving landscape of the men's apparel market, strategically harnessed the power of Particl to overcome challenges and drive innovation. The collaboration empowered Chubbies with valuable insights, contributing to their success in navigating market dynamics.

1. Expand into New Categories:

Chubbies leveraged Particl to expand into new product categories, specifically men's pants. Informed by consumer insights gathered throughParticl's extensive database, Chubbies made strategic decisions on style, fit, size, and color preferences. This expansion not only addressed previous challenges in the pants segment but also marked a calculated move to tap into a broader market. Particl's functionalities played a crucial role in guiding Chubbies toward a successful venture into uncharted territory.

2. Launch New Products:

With Particl's support, Chubbies successfully launched new products with confidence. The collaboration enabled Chubbies to gather market and competitor insights, ensuring that each product resonated with their target audience. The data-driven approach facilitated a streamlined product development process, reducing the risk of poor decisions that could adversely affect cash flow. Chubbies' ability to launch new products that align with market demands exemplifies the effectiveness of their partnership with Particl in driving innovation within their product portfolio.

3. Explore New Color Patterns:

Chubbies, aiming to capture consumer preferences, explored new color patterns guided by insights obtained through Particl. The collaboration facilitated a nuanced understanding of color trends and preferences within the men's apparel market. By utilizing Particl's extensive data resources, Chubbies could tailor their color offerings to align with customer expectations. This exploration into new color patterns not only enhanced Chubbies' product aesthetics but also demonstrated their commitment to staying ahead of market trends with the support ofParticl's comprehensive data analytics.

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