How SWIM USA uses Particl to power their growth

How SWIM USA makes the most of Particl


SWIM USA faced challenges in swiftly and confidently validating the performance of trends and potential brand threats in the competitive swimwear market. Without data, SWIM USA was unable to navigate the evolving landscape effectively.


Collaborating with Particl, SWIM USA gathered extensive insights to help them launch new swimwear lines. SWIM USA better understood consumer preferences in terms of style, fit, size, and color to minimize the risk of poor product decisions.


  • New swimwear lines swiftly gained traction, contributing significantly to the company's revenue stream.
  • In financial terms, the swimwear category achieved significant success.

SWIM USA's Story

SWIM USA, a multi-generational family-owned swimwear company, has been a prominent player in the swimwear market for years. Their commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction has established them as a trusted brand in the industry. SWIM USA's diverse range of swimwear caters to various market segments, including national and private brands, reflecting their dedication to inclusivity and style.

Navigating Market Challenges

In the competitive realm of men's apparel, Swim USA confronted a common industry challenge where over 50% of product launches fail to meet business targets, resulting in substantial costs. The company faced a specific hurdle as their previous pants launch didn't perform as anticipated, leading them to discontinue the product. In an industry marked by constant evolution and fierce competition, Swim USA recognized the critical importance of strategic decision-making in product development. The dynamics of the men's apparel market, marked by saturation and intense competition, posed significant challenges. Expansion into men's pants came at a time when market players had overbought in a post-COVID world, presenting additional industry challenges for Swim USA to navigate. Learning from past experiences, Swim USA acknowledged the need to gather comprehensive information before product launches, recognizing that success lies in minimizing uncertainties in an ever-evolving market.

The Particl Moment:

SWIM USA's decision to collaborate with Particl marked a pivotal moment in their journey. Particl's intuitive design and data-driven functionalities aligned perfectly with SWIM USA's goals, providing a unique experience that empowered the team to make informed decisions.

How Swim USA Uses Particl:

SWIM USA strategically leveraged Particl to overcome challenges and drive innovation in their swimwear lines:

  • Product Expansion: Using insights from Particl's extensive database, SWIM USA expanded their swimwear offerings, tapping into new styles and designs that resonated with their target audience.
  • Product Launches: With Particl's support, SWIM USA successfully launched new swimwear lines tailored to meet market demands. The data-driven approach ensured that each product resonated with consumers, minimizing the risk of poor decisions.
  • Trend Exploration: SWIM USA explored emerging trends in swimwear, guided by insights obtained through Particl. By staying ahead of market trends, SWIM USA maintained their position as an industry leader, offering innovative swimwear options that captivated consumers.

Particl transformed SWIM USA's approach to decision-making, providing timely insights that fueled innovation and drove success in the competitive swimwear market. By leveraging data-driven strategies, SWIM USA cemented their position as a trusted brand, delivering swimwear solutions that met the evolving needs of their customers.

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