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Designed for digital marketing agencies looking to get the best e-commerce data into the hands of their clients. Your clients are developing and pricing their products on a daily basis, and Particl can help take that process to the next level. Our clients are looking to work with our trusted agency partners to up their marketing game. It's a win-win! (Not sure about this ending).

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Designed for tech companies who offer products and services for the world's leading e-commerce brands. Particl specializes in product development and pricing optimization. We need trusted tech partners who provide products and services that we don't offer to help our clients reach all their goals.

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Designed for private equity and venture capital firms looking to ensure their portfolio companies have the tools they need to make data-driven product decisions. We offer portfolio discounts so your brands can get the most out of your capital.

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Designed for e-commerce experts looking to educate their audience on the tools that will help them accelerate their growth. We offer competitive revenue share to compensate you for your time and effort.

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Product Development
Discover actionable insights by breaking down market-wide data from 80k+ DTC sites
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Analyze pricing from 500M+ SKUs across the market to nail your pricing strategy
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Stay ahead of the trends using our 2+ years of historical market performance 
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