How to Use Particl to Make More Money

No one has ever seen a tool quite like Particl. Until now – the only tool built specifically for e-commerce, Particl organizes all of your competitor’s data into an actionable set of insights which you can use to outsell your competition. Tools like Nielsen Data, have been around for years and have dominated the competitive data space for consumer packaged goods. It’s time to take a look and see how retailers can use this plethora of competitor data to drive their decisions.

See top products

For the first time ever, you can now easily spy on your competitors using Particl, the online data analysis software tool. The tool is the first of it's kind and enables you to easily see what your competitors are doing. You can then use this valuable information to compete with them and make more money.

The importance of this new product cannot be overstated. Most business owners have little insights on how well their competitors are doing, or even how many products they have for sale. Competitor research has been They may have a general idea of what their market share is, but that's about it.

With Particl you can:

Find out exactly what your competitors are selling

Track all of their best selling products in real-time

See their sales per day in real-time

As an e-commerce owner, you want to sell top products. You want to be in the same product category as your competitors and make more money than them.

Particl makes it easy to find my competitor's best-selling products, their prices (and change them if necessary), and track their discount periods. That way you can easily decide which products you want to sell and optimize your pricing strategy accordingly.

Benchmark performance

One of the most common things a business owner needs to do is benchmark their sales and performance against their competitors. This is an important part of any business owner's work, as it allows them to get insight on the sales performance of their competitor and make necessary changes to their own business in order to improve on sales and revenue.

In order to compete with their competitors, business owners need a way to gather performance data from the marketplace. That's where Particl steps in. Our platform provides access to accurate product data that can be used by sellers to understand the competition and make improvements where needed. We use a combination of scraping tools and manual processes in order to provide sellers with the data they need.

Particl has gathered data from over 280k+ e-commerce platforms and marketplaces across the globe. We take pride in providing accurate data for both sellers (to help them learn about the competition) and buyers (to help them make wise purchasing decisions).

Our platform allows anyone to see data on millions of e-commerce products across thousands of websites. You can use this data to know exactly where you stand against your competitors, allowing you to make informed decisions about what to sell, where to sell it and how much to charge for it.

Optimize pricing

Competitor data can be used in a number of ways to improve your business, from using it in price optimization to finding gaps in the market for new products.

Trying to find loopholes and exploit them is not always the best strategy. You could end up pricing too high or low. Pricing too high will result in you losing money and low will mean you are not maximizing your profits.

Using competitor data to optimize pricing is a more reliable way to generate revenue and stay competitive. This approach uses current pricing, inventory levels, recent trends, and other information to come up with an ideal price based on demand while maintaining a healthy profit margin.

What are you waiting for?

It can be difficult to determine if you need a tool like Particl or whether you could optimize your business on your own. If you are looking to grow, to get more traffic and sales, a tool like Particl is crucial because it will give you regular insights into your competitors, the industry, and the best strategies to grow your business. The goal is to always be one step ahead of the market and a tool like Particl will dramatically increase your chances of doing so.

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