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Learn from the experts at TC Creatives and The Ads Tutor how you can grow with a robust remarketing strategy

TC Creatives

Tiffiney Cornish, Owner of TC Creatives:

When planning a remarketing campaign, it is essential to gather first-party data from your customers using a CDP (Customer Data Platform). CDPs allow you to capture customer data and engagement on multiple marketing channels to build intelligent, behavior-based retargeting audiences. With the limitations of third-party data since the introduction of Apple’s iOS 14, having precise first-party customer data profiles is crucial to your success.

Use goal-driven remarketing campaigns based on where the customer is in their buyer journey. For example, if a customer has never made a purchase from your business, you'll want to create a campaign that targets them at the awareness stage. This might include creative and copy that highlights your business's unique selling proposition. On the other hand, if a customer has not purchased in a while, you'll want to target them at the conversion stage. This might include creative and copy that builds trust and eliminate any objections the customer may have.

In your remarketing campaigns, use inviting language that will catch the customer’s attention and drive them to take action. Emotional words and empathy are helpful. Using multi-channel touchpoints such as email, social media, and targeted ads will help you reach the maximum number of potential customers at different stages of their journey.

“Stale” email contacts, or those who have not engaged with the brand in a while, are perfect for reintroducing to the brand. Your email contacts are always considered warm leads, no matter how long it's been since the engagement unless your brand targets customers at specific stages of their lives (parents of toddlers, newlyweds, etc.). By showcasing your brand's growth and value, you can convert these customers into not only buyers but also advocates.

By following these tips, you can effectively remarket to your target audience and drive more business.

The Ads Tutor

Josh Lothman, Founder & CEO of The Ads Tutor:

My top tips for a successful remarketing campaign is to speak to each person in your funnel differently, as they are in a different stage of the buyer's journey.  Someone who saw 10 seconds of your video 2 months ago needs different creative and ad copy then the person who added your product to cart yesterday.  Also, leverage dynamic remarketing when relevant. So if someone looks at a specific product on your site, instead of showing them a generic ad, show them the product that they are actually interested in.  Lastly, remarket your audiences in multiple platforms so that you are finding them in different places on the internet like Facebook, websites, Instagram, etc.

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