E-commerce Trends 2023 with Kasey Luck

Looking to jump ahead on the ecommerce trends for 2023? For tips on how to stay ahead of the market and crush quarterly planning for Q1, check out this video with CEO of Luck & CO agency, Kasey Luck.

Kasey is an expert in all things ecommerce and outlines her suggestions on what simple strategies to implement to see growth in your business. Her followers receive helpful tips, suggestions and how-to steps to ultimately drive revenue and eliminate unnecessary errors.

In this video, Kasey highlights how the world has shifted to mobile commerce, and how brands can prepare and take advantage of this digital age. Since 2020, brands need to be one step ahead of the digital trends and learn how to be versatile in order to survive. This can be attributed to actionable and accurate data to yield better decisions, careful planning, budgeting, forecasting, and utilizing the resources around them.

With the help of Particl’s market research, Kasey highlights some of the ways brands use actionable data in order to aid their business.  

One of the key points in this video is how businesses can deal with price sensitive shoppers during inflation. Because of the current economic status, people could be less willing to make purchases or spend money on non-essentials. These tips couldn’t be more helpful with the current market trends, especially for e-commerce brands where personalized customer interaction is limited, or nonexistent.

Watch this video to learn all about these essential tips and tricks for 2023 to boost your e-commerce brand and start next year off on the right foot!

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