How Multiple Brands are Using Particl

Brands use Particl to benchmark against competitors and enhance product development.

What is Particl?

Particl tracks 280,000+ companies every day and our goal is to help you use the data we’re collecting to take your business to the next level. If you are like most e-commerce businesses, gaining visibility into how you benchmark against your competitors is an important step in staying on top of the market. Competitor data such as monthly revenue, sales product volume, and top selling products allow you to have current and relevant information to help you measure how your business compares to your competitors.

Benchmark Against Competition

Knowing where your business stands in the market helps create a clear vision for what you need to do to succeed. Particl is an e-commerce competitive analysis tool designed to help YOU benchmark against your competitors and identify areas for improvement. By drilling down on what your competitors are doing, Particl allows your business to get ahead of the market with the most relevant data for your brand.

Enhance Product Development

By using Particl to make data-driven decisions, determining which products to sell becomes exponentially easier. For companies with a specific niche in their product line, developing new products and entering a new market can seem like an uncalculated risk if you don’t have the necessary data to back it up. Through Particl's competitive intelligence platform, brands have been able to capitalize on new market trends and unlock their business’s full potential.

Particl Customer Story

As a popular dancewear and athletic company for women and girls, Five Dancewear found that it was difficult to know what colors, styles, and trends were in the highest demand. They needed a tool that would help them have a sense for what other stores with similar demographics were doing to succeed in the market. With Particl clean, easy to read platform they have granular insights down to the SKU level available to them they had previously never been able to see. Lisa Wilson, COO of Five Dancewear noted that when their company began tracking its competitors, they launched a new product that crushed the market and outsold their previous top seller by 300%. It sold out on the same day it was launched, and has consistently remained its top selling product of all time. Five Dancewear uses Particl to track what top products, sizes, and patterns are trending in the market to help them stay ahead of the trends and continue to crush it in their industry.

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