Using Data to Make Better Business Decisions

Brands Use Particl to identify trending products to boost marketing strategies and increase revenue.

It's no secret that every brand wants to be the one to create the top trending products of the season. Knowing the data behind the top products in the market allows you insider access to know the hot ticket items with the highest sales, and takes away the guessing of what brands are actually selling. Here at Particl, we are here to help you make better business decisions to dominate the market.

Particl not only gives insight into what product has the highest revenue; it also shows you what’s trending throughout varying product lines. By identifying trends in the market, Particl can help you take your business to the next level by dramatically increasing your market profitability and developing product expansion for your brand.

Why Particl?

Imagine that you are the founder of a successful skincare company. You have worked tirelessly for years to develop your brand to have the reputation of being high quality for an affordable price. After hiring a team of specialists, you task them to do the market research necessary to know which new products are trending, what items bring the most revenue, and  which products to cut out from a product perspective. You wish there was a way to have more accurate information and faster. With Particl, these hours of searching for data (only to come up with potential general patterns or trends) is simplified into an easy to read platform with pinpoint accuracy on specific, granular data to help your business crush your goals, and stimulate earnings. Particl is the answer to the questions your business is wondering.

Use Case with Women's Apparel brand, Bohme

Vivian Bohme, owner and founder of a successful women's clothing company based in Utah, is a prime example of someone who utilizes Particl to get ahead of the market. With the aid of Particl's granular data and user-oriented platform, Vivian’s company, Bohme, now uses Particl to launch new trending products, use targeted ads, and find the right price to disrupt their competitors' markets and increase traffic to her brand.  Her success story is not alone; an increasing number of brands are using Particl as their secret sauce to find the data they need to boost marketing strategies and ultimately drive profitability. Particl is your catalyst for success in competitive markets, and Bohme is utilizing this secret weapon to develop higher profits and increase market sustainability. This tactic has been wildly successful for them, and we know it will be for you too!

Knowing is Better

Particl's cutting-edge competitor intelligence technology helps brands identify which products are trending in their industry, how those items trend across adjacent markets, and helps determine the best time to diversify a product. With Particl, marketing becomes easier. Not only do you gain the insider scoop through accessing competitor data, you can also gain insight into how to take things like email marketing, SEO, and paid ads to the next level in your business.

Are you interested in learning how Particl can help you crush your business’s goals? Schedule a demo today and learn more!

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