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Fifth & Cor

From the team at Fifth & Cor, a marketing and innovation company:

Start Small: It’s crucial to test out your paid ads initially with a smaller scale budget. Increasing your investment is always an option, but decreasing that budget might be a bit trickier.Build your audiences: Targeting is important. When building your audiences keep in mind the demographic that would engage the most with your ads. You want to target the most relevant consumers for the most effective ads!

Pay attention to keywords being used: Make sure the keyword you are targeting is one that will directly lead to sales conversions. You may drive traffic to your site, but if it isn’t targeted well, you won’t make sales.

Analyze data: You may be surprised by what ads perform best. If you are seeing a lower clickthrough rate, your ads may be gaining visibility, but they may not resonate with your audience. Pay attention to the ads that perform the best and make optimizations based on your audience's preferences.

Repurpose most engaging organic content for ads: Utilizing content that drew traction in the past serves as confirmation of good performance. Knowing it’s going to catch your audience’s attention takes some of the guesswork out.

Use platforms that your customers use: Don’t waste money on a platform your target audience isn't part of. Unless it serves as an audience of potential new customers, you won’t see a return on your investment.

Study your demographic: Ensure you know who your intended audience is before investing in paid ads! It’s vital to have a clear understanding of who exactly you’re targeting.


Andres Morales, B2B Marketing Specialist at EmberTribe:

Brands need to stay on top of new trends to ensure their investment in paid advertising is bringing the desired returns. Certainly, there are hundreds of elements to keep in mind when scaling an eCommerce business. Still, the mindset and strategy must be aligned with the execution to ensure an online store can reach its maximum revenue potential.

Our recommendation to scale an eCommerce brand in today's competitive environment is to focus primarily on:

- Smart Testing

- Multi-Channel Approach

While some brands focus on the look of their creatives, successful businesses concentrate on strategic testing and generate as many learnings as possible in short, defined time periods.

Here at EmberTribe, we practice what we preach. Our methodology is known as "Smart Testing." We estimate all the possible outcomes of hundreds of variations and then define a prioritized list depending on each experiment's impact, difficulty, and length.

With our Smart Testing methodology, we prioritize the experiments that have the potential to bring the most return ($$$) combined with mid-risk tests to ensure that our investment in paid ads is safe while we seek sustainable growth for our clients.

Additionally, it is essential to properly track all the experiment's results to ensure we're making the right decisions. Besides having a reliable tracking tool, we recommend:

1. Apply a straightforward nomenclature system to your social paid ad campaigns.

2. Update your experiment tracker document/tool.

3. Define the sample size of each experiment before making any decisions (traffic volume and time).

These tips should help you make the right decisions to scale your revenue. The ability to test fast and use those results to determine growth opportunities makes a growth specialist valuable and effective in today’s competitive landscape.

Additionally, smart testing will help you define the best channels to boost your brand's revenue.

Our clients make substantial revenue on the most popular channels. But we know that Facebook and Google costs are rising, and scale is limited. So at EmberTribe, we found a path to hit businesses’ goals by methodically tapping into multiple secondary channels. But it needs to be strategic!

As Josh Sturgeon, co-founder of EmberTribe, said: "Spending money in multiple channels is NOT a Multi-Channel Growth System.But weaving those channels together while genuinely understanding the buyer’s journey is the key to profitable and sustainable growth in 2022 and 2023."

These tips will help your brand grow fast and smart with a marketing system centered around paid traffic. If you need help scaling, feel free to book a call with our growth experts. We're here to help brands become legendary!

Focus Funnels

Taylor Frame, Chief Revenue Officer at Focus Funnels:

So, you’re looking to optimize your ad strategy and you’re thinking there’s some magical technique you need to do to set your ad account up to get things to work, but the reality is there isn’t a magical ‘setup’ that’ll change the game.

Your ad account won’t save the day. Your targeting won’t save the day. And your budget surely won’t turn things around.

What it comes down to is HOW you’re connecting with your potential customers through the content of your ad. The video / image and the words you’re co-signing it with. The problem is, most people who start a brand feel like they need to “look like” a brand, and that ends up holding them back.

They can’t sell anything.

When you focus and prioritize on looking like a brand, you will never get the results you deserve with your marketing. However if you get focused on actually selling your product and positioning it in a way that helps people desire it, that’s where you win.

People don’t buy things because they want to buy it. They buy things because they NEED it. That said, they’ll never know they need your product until you tell them WHY they need it. That’s the secret.

In your marketing, you need to clearly articulate how your product is taking somebody from a current state to desired state. How it’s fulfilling a desire. How is solving a problem. Do the thinking for them, because even though they could come to the conclusion on their own, they won’t fast enough. You need to TELL them the future they’re going to have when they buy your product.

This is the secret this is the missing link in most peoples marketing.  

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