About Particl

Have you ever wondered how your competitors are getting ahead of the market? Particl was created to help you see just that. Our platform provides you with an all-encompassing view of your competition so you can make data-driven decisions on how to innovate, optimize, and strategize in your business. At Particl, we are here to give you a leg up on the market and help you crush your business goals. But…. how did it get started? And how is Particl different from other competitor insights companies?

The Idea

Josh Wilson was a graduate of Utah State University, working as a Senior Equity Analyst at Carta and happily married to his wife, Lisa. As the COO of a prominent dancewear company, Five the Label, Lisa was noticing their business climbing to success but wanted to find a way to look into how their competitors were doing (top selling products, highest sources of revenue etc.) to help her business continue to innovate and grow. She wished there was a way for her team to pull actionable data about what was happening in the market without having years of computer science experience or 10+ hours a week to learn how to code and track the market.

Josh had always felt a pull to optimizing businesses and knew there had to be a solution. After dedicating all of his free time to compiling data, he was ready to pull some information for her. What he found was remarkable, there was a way to get granular information about sales, products, and revenue for her company and figure out what items they should sell. Lisa used this information to create new products that she knew the customers would enjoy, and the sales skyrocketed.

The Breakthrough

This got Josh thinking: if Lisa’s question and Josh’s solution worked, how many other companies, leaders, and small business owners could also benefit from it? This expanded his vision into ways competitive analysis could help not only one company, but global e-commerce companies as a whole. The real development of Particl was just beginning. Josh and two of his friends, Kenney and Smiles began to discuss, strategize, and research around Josh’s kitchen table.

Since 2020, the company has seen rapid growth and has grown from a group of friends working around a kitchen table to nearly 40 employees at the company now. This accelerated expansion has allowed the company to 20x its revenue and accept the challenge to redefine how e-commerce business can be done. Today, Particl is tracking over 280,000 brands (with the numbers growing daily), expanding its market and tapping into a new realm of competitive analysis.

Why Particl?

Here at Particl, we have a goal to give you information to change the way you think, what you sell, and how you increase your revenue. You can be assured that we have a product designed for your company because it was developed by someone, well,  like you!

Look, we get it. Life can be demanding and stressful, and just like Lisa, you may wish you had more hours in the day to better your business. Particl is a company built for its users and because we cut out the hard part, you have time to focus on the rest of your business (the customers!). We're a strong and growing company that cares deeply about your success and your customers. We’re breaking the mold of how business is done in e-commerce, and this is just the beginning!

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