5 No Code Apps/Tools for E-Commerce

E-commerce brands no longer require complicated coding experience to grow. See the top 5 no code apps for startups and enterprise brands alike.

We believe that apps don’t need to be complicated to be powerful. E-commerce no longer requires complex coding experience to grow. See our top 5 no code picks to kickstart your brand!


Surprise, surprise… Particl is at the top of the list (shameless self plug here but we really believe we built the best e-commerce app out there). Particl is the hub for all things DTC. Tired of using multiple platforms to get all your e-commerce metrics? Particl integrates with top partners such as Shopify, Facebook Ad Manager, Klaviyo, and more to give you actionable tips for your company data , customer data, and even competitor data down to the sku. We’ve compiled all the information you need in one simple no code, no data science, hub. 

For marketers, Particl created a one of a kind pixel that gives an unprecedented view of the full customer journey. See which channels and campaigns are driving true value and increase your ROI without all the guesswork. 

For product developers and merchandisers, the competitor insights tool gives you a leg up on the competition. This is what we consider to be our “secret sauce”, no other platform allows you to see your competitors sales volume data down to the sku, along with a full market view of industry trends. Additionally, gain insights on demand planning and pricing changes in a single hub. 

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Mailchimp is a great all around marketing platform. Grow your audience with the ability to send marketing communications, collect customer information, and analyze what is working. 

Built with simplicity in mind, you can send emails, conduct surveys, run pop-up forms, and automate marketing tasks without any coding required. Mailchimp is especially useful for small businesses that are looking for an all-in-one marketing and CRM platform. 

Why do we love Mailchimp? If you have ever tried to work with some of the bigger names in the marketing automation world (cough, cough, Marketo) you know it can be difficult, expensive, and time consuming to learn the big programs. Mailchimp is well designed and easy to use. This makes it perfect for e-commerce brands looking to grow without needing automation experience. 

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In the United States, Shopify is the biggest player in the e-commerce platform space. Taking up 32% of the market share, approximately one in 3 brands will use Shopify to host their store or website. Helping brands get off the ground from idea to real sales, Shopify has all the tools to help startups grow. 

Shopify is making selling online easier than ever with their free templates and drag and drop builder that requires no coding experience. With all of this packaged into very reasonable plans, it’s a no brainer to get your e-commerce brand on the platform.

Why do we love Shopify? Their extremely reasonable pricing, great support, and large community that uses the platform makes Shopify our top pick for hosting an online store and building a website if you want it all in one place.

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This is an amazing tool to help brands communicate with their customers better. Send personalized messaging based on your own data across both email and sms without any coding. Sms marketing is quickly becoming one of the largest marketing channels and Klaviyo  is the favorite tool to reach your customers. 

One of our favorite features is the ability to quickly send messages based on your customer profiles. Some customers may only shop discounted items, while others may be interested in top of the line products. Understand these trends and automatically send personalized messages to each of the personas. 

Why do we love it? Klaviyo gives marketers a quick and easy way to reach their customers especially in the SMS channel. We love how easy it is to use and the robustness of the platform. 

Klaviyo website

Wix eCommerce 

Want to start an online brand but don’t know how to code a website? Wix eCommerce is the solution. With 500+ templates and an easy to use drag and drop builder anyone can now build a beautiful e-commerce website. This is the most simple e-commerce website solution we have found.

Pricing is built to help users grow with plans starting at just $27 a month which makes Wix a great place to start your brand. Host up to 50,000 products on your site and plans start with 20 GB of storage. 

Why do we love it? It’s cheap and easy to use. Wix is the best site builder we found for brands that are new to the e-commerce market. 

Wix eCommerce website

No code means less barrier of entry. We love helping established brands and entrepreneurs that are just starting out grow, and one of the themes we see over and over is that brands have the desire to build, but the technical side can be a hold up. That is why we love the push for no code tools. We truly believe anyone can and should be able to start an e-commerce business and with these tools that is now a possibility for all. 

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