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We help world-class brands gain market share by giving the most accurate consumer sales data on the market.

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Stop spending thousands of dollars on yesterday's news and see what the market is selling in real-time. No phone calls, no surveys, no biases, all updated every day to give you the best ROI on your market research efforts.

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Particl gives you the ability to measure the market and make adjustments according to daily market fluctuations, allowing you to scale your brand faster than ever before.

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Visualize trends, analyze the market, and find winning products using actual sales data from thousands of stores across the web.

What our customers are saying
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Exclusive data on brands and products are now possible. The SKU-level data on each product is amazing. The holy grail of competitor data on eCommerce sites.

- John H., CBO
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Fast at your fingertips data. No one needs to take time to try to make sense of the retail landscape anymore. Luz provides it for you. With the info obtained via Luz we have started new categories, changed our marketing strategy, and were able to improve pricing strategies. I cannot recommend this enough to peers in the industry.

- Vivien B., CEO
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Thanks to Particl I feel like I'm able to pull the curtain back on the entire market. Within 5 minutes I'm able to see trending products, pricing changes, and companies gaining traction.

- Nick M., CEO

More than just data

Product Development
Discover actionable insights by breaking down market-wide data from 80k+ e-commerce sites
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Analyze pricing from 500M+ SKUs across the market to nail your pricing strategy
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Stay ahead of the trends using our 2+ years of historical market performance 
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