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Market Research

Real-time data

Track the market and competition by instantly accessing the most accurate and up-to-date data in your market.

Analyze e-commerce brands

Get complete access to all SKUs selling online in the world. Search companies by properties like revenue, product type, and units moved.

See what the world is buying

Understand macro trends in the market and access the top-selling and fastest-growing products market-wide.
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Pricing Optimization

View market-wide pricing elasticity

Use our ML-based pricing elasticity tool based on live market-wide data.

Drill down into SKU level pricing

Analyze pricing with product sales data from 500M+ SKUs to monitor pricing trends market-wide.

Optimize your bottom line

Understand quarterly pricing changes and how you can better optimize to grow your revenue.
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Always be one step ahead

Understand trends, inventory management, and pricing using our 2+ years of historical data on market performance.

Avoid inventory pileups

Create successful new products with data from 80K+ brands.

Understand products lifecycle

Easily pinpoint if products had an early launch,  are approaching their peak, or are cooling off.
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